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Look, we are broke. We spent too much on shoes and food, but hey? No ragrets. Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean forking out huge amounts of money on your significant other or just your closest bae. To us, Valentine’s Day is a day where you show appreciation to the person/friend you love whether that’s a DIY card or having breakfast at your favourite restaurant. Sure, you don’t even need to celebrate on the actual day since places may be more expensive and over crowded. We’re sharing our favourite places with you whether it’s a small bar or a burger joint.


Valentine’s Day (cheapish) Date Ideas in Dublin 

1. Have a burger date! (Wow Burger)

We absolutely recommend Wow Burger. There are split opinions in our company between Bunsen Burger and Wow Burger. Today we’ll focus on WOW! The burger shops are located on Wicklow Street (below Mary’s Tool Bar), Wellington Quays (In The Workman’s Club) and Ranelagh. Try the cheeseburger (€5.95) and garlic fries (€2.95). Actually, maybe not the garlic on a date… Nevertheless, Wow Burger is a perfect cheap and cheerful date.


Wow Burger


2. No Name Bar Dublin, Fade Street

Look for a giant snail above a black door on Fade Street, the bar has literally no name. Walk up a flight of stairs and you’ve found it! The special thing about this bar, not only does it have good tunes in the evening but the smoking around / outside area is covered by beautiful circus like canopies and twinkly lights. The staff are so friendly and it’s a cosy spot for an afternoon pint. Make sure to go before 7pm as it gets busy!


No Name Bar  No Name Bar


3. Box Burger, Bray Seafront – but go for the desserts!

Now, we’re not talking about burgers here. Box Burger is a stylish, urban outfitters styled burger restaurant set along the Bray seafront! What is the point in eating so much and then realising you can’t fit in the dessert? For a cheaper and easier option (especially with a sweet tooth), Box Burger is perfect with homemade mini donuts with ice cream (€6) (our favourite), frozen margaritas, chocolate fudge cake (€7), ice-cream sundaes and fruit sorbets (try mango!). If you want to hit a bar after, the Harbour Bar is down the road, a quirky pub that regularly has live music and the most welcoming staff.


Box Burger


4. BYOB Bowling (Over 18’s)

There is nothing more fun than reliving your primary school bowling days. The reminder of really ugly bowling shoes and how hard it is to bowl a strike… but now with alcohol? Sounds like a dream. Get competitive with your date and even set a bet (i.e. Loser has to pay for an arcade game). There are so many BYOB bowling places such as Leisure Plex, €12 per person, no bottle charge:

Stillorgan (Tuesday + Friday)
Coolock (Thursday + Friday)
Tallaght (Tuesday + Fridays)

Bray Bowl also have BYOB bowling nights that include Thursday, Friday, Saturday for €12. Not only do you have unlimited bowling games but you also have free pool, most arcade games and air hockey!  If you live closer to this place, we recommend it as it won’t be as busy as the Dublin bowling places. Maybe Box Burger dessert than some bowling to burn those donuts off?


BYOB Bowling


5. Wall Climbing, Sandyford

If you and your friend/boy/girl want a challenge on Valentine’s Day instead of eating and watching movies (still a great idea). ‘The Wall’ is a fantastic place to let loose and climb. Not only is it fun and challenging but it’s a workout without even noticing! This company has a relaxed environment with comfy sofas, you don’t have lockers, you just throw your things into little cubicles! There is food with a barista incase one gets peckish. Our favourite is the ping pong table upstairs that is free for anyone to play! The staff will help with any questions and will give you a quick 3 minute brief. I know it sounds kind of scary but once you get the hang of it, it’s great craic!

Price wise, for the day it would cost around €13/14 per person.
It is 9€/8€ (student), shoe hire (€3.50) and chalk bag (€1.50), which you’ll need 100% if you don’t have one!


If you’re not into chill valentine’s day dates and want to dress up… we gotchu, in the heel department.


Korky’s Shoes

Korky’s Shoes, 6032 bei (€34.99)


Emma McEvoy

The gorgeous Emma McEvoy (@emmanoodle_) wearing our ED43’s


Baby pink everything

Baby pink everything! Korkys: 8628 Nude €34.99 (comes in gold, nude, black and coral!)


Hope you enjoyed our ideas and inspo! At the end of the day, it’s the memories, not the money you put into a day celebrated with your loved ones!

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