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15 / March

1. Melanie Murphy (Bit of everthing)

You NEED to check out the hilarious Melanie Murphy, she's an amazing Irish Youtuber that speaks about important female subjects from body confidence to sexuality to mental health! Her openess within the Youtube community is a breathe of fresh air and we can't wait to see more of what she is up to. She even has her own book published! We would suggest watching the videos with her sister Jessie, they are absolutely hilarious! 

Melanie Murphy Irish Amazing Youtubers Korkys Shoes

2. Keilidh MUA  (Beauty)
Keilidh is KILLING the makeup game in Ireland, she's even had her own makeup pallette with Inglot and recently took over the amazing James Charle's instagram story for a feature. From hauls to everday eyebrow looks, she has you sorted if you're into her style! We really appreciate the skill Keilidh puts into ALL her looks and can't wait to see what more she has to offer. Also, Keilidh and her boyfriend are the cutest things EVER. 

3. Clisare (Comedy)

We first saw Clare on 'Facts' Youtube channel where Irish people reacted to things and she was HILARIOUS. You may recognise her from her 'Shite Irish Girls Say' which is an old favourite. She has continued on making Youtube videos, a regular Snapchatter and even hosts her on Podcast show. If you want some lols that are relatable, head over to her channel.

Clare Ireland Youtuber Irish you need to follow

4. Riyadh K (Funny)

Riyadh is an Irish Youtuber from Dublin that blew up on social media from videos such as 'Mom Reads Son's Grindr Messagers' and 'Gay Guy Calls Westboro Baptist Church' (which are absolutely hiarlious by the way). He has been a huge support in the LGBTQ community and even hosted a BBC series called 'Queen Britain' last year. 

Riyadh K - Top Irish Youtubers to follow 2018 

5. Chloe Boucher (Beauty)

Her makeup is FLAWLESS, tanned skin and the bluest eyes (YES PLEASE). She's taken the Youtube beauty community by storm with over 500,000 followers. She's paired with brands such as Rimmel, Charlotte Tilbury and Lancome. She creates many makeup tutorials that are extremely affordable. 

Chloe Boucher Top Irish Youtubers you need to follower - Korky's fashion style shoes

6. Jacksepticeye (Gaming)

Okay, you have DEFINITELY heard about Jack/Sean from 'Jacksepticeye' the Irish gaming youtuber that currently lives in Brighton. He has over 18,000,000 subscribers on Youtube and has been using Twitch more regularly recently. He is so entertaining and his Irish charm will keep you watching for hours! He even has a game of his own! He has links with PewDiePie and many other gamers. 

Jacksepticeye top irish youtuber 2018 korkys shoes gamer ireland brighton

7. Naomi McCormack MUA

The Dublin beauty that is also based in Ibiza, she lets us into her secrets on Youtube on how she looks so gorgeous all the time! She's definitely one to look out for in the Irish beauty community! She's also made a guide on Youtube about working in Ibiza. 

Naomi Cormack - Top Irish Youtubers 2018 - beauty

8. The SacconeJolys (Vlogging)

We cannot make a list without adding in the MASSIVE SacconeJolys that have been around for years! Anna and Jonathan have been family vlogging for years and they currently post a vlog everday! They are Irish and now living in England with their beautiful children. If you love a good family vlog - check them out!

Irish Top Youtubers The SacconeJolys Family Vlogs Anna Jonathan Irish ireland Korky's shoes

9. Hazel Hayes (Funny)
 Hazel (Formly known as ChewingSand) is an hilarious Irish woman and filmmaker who was born in Dublin but has living in London since 2012. She has this amazing series called 'Tipsy Talk' where she interviews celebrities (Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie, Jack Black) but it's basically a bit of alcohol and some solid chats which we loveeeee! We suggest sitting down with a good cuppa and some digestives when watching her. 

Korky's Top Irish Youtubers to follow 2018 - Hazel Hayes Chewingsand tipsy talk irish girl funny youtube filmmaker

10. Retroflame - Erika Fox (Design, Fashion, Travel)
This gorgeous red hed Erika Fox is brewing up a storm in NYC! The Kerry-born fashionista works as a social media manager and a blogger in New York City. Her major videos include her beautiful room tours that she designed in her amazing Manhatten apartment. She has incredible travel videos and we will never get tired of her stunning accent! 

RetroFlame Erika Fox cute fashion blogger top youtuber irish 2018 cool design NYC social media irish ireland red head fashion fashionista korky's shoes korkysshoes

There are so many amazing Irish Youtubers out there, if you have any suggestions, comment below! 

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