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It’s never too late to get organised! January can be your month, to clear your head and be prepared for the year. The gals at Korky’s Shoes have some points to help you out.


2018 is the year of looking after yourself. This meaning investing time (and money) into YOURSELF mentally and physically.

  • If you’ve gone through something in the past year, or need someone to talk to. Look into counselling, even if you don’t think you need it. It provides a safe environment where one can speak freely without judgement. There are so many benefits; it can help clear your head, you can get advice on life problems and learn to work through your issues. A lot of people block up their feelings and experiences, this can have a negative impact in the future.

  • Consistent Check Ups - girl, if you have any illnesses (diabetes etc) or you’re going to travel a lot this year, stay on top and consistently make appointments and vaccines. It is so important to keep up as these things can get worse if you are not looking after yourself. If you are over 25 in Ireland, book in for a smear test. These may not be important on your list but you will never know until it’s too late! According to the, ‘In Ireland, approximately 300 women in Ireland are diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer each year and over 90 women die from the disease’. The founder of multi-award winning interior design blog Apartment Number 4, Victoria tweeted about her experience.



  • The Dentist - making sure the whites stay pearly and that your gums are strong and healthy.

  • Exercise - I know, you don’t want to hear it but everyone knows exercise a few times a week can be enormously effective in mental and physical health. It can reduce stress and help cope with depression and anxiety. Whether be it, a dog walk or a run to zumba and weight lifting at the gym.



I know, who wants to clean? If you have cleaners - you can skip this. But I’m sure many of us don’t (yet). The main tip is to tidy your place/room for 10/15 minutes each day, this does seem like a lot but it will stop you wasting an hour/an hour and a half on the weekend when you would prefer to be relaxing! If your place is tidy - take an hour once a week to clean specific things i.e. microwave/oven. Surrounding yourself in a tidy environment can boost productivity! Just set a timer for your cleaning period and when it goes off- RELAX! 

It is important to declutter your wardrobe/house. Throw out the clothes you won’t wear, remind yourself when was the last time you actually wore that piece of clothing. It also making room for new clothes! Go by the rule “one in and one out”, this ensures that by the end year of the year, you won’t have piles of clothing everywhere!


Organising your money (or what little you have) is a VERY important task that should be done every year. These are little money saving tricks for 2018!


  • Start a direct debit into a seperate account/credit union account - this will help you consistently save money over time as money will be automatically taken from your current account and lodged into your savings account . Opt for an account where it will take a longer time to take the money back out, this makes one strategically think about their money management. I.e. you’re not just moving money into your current account in seconds for a breakfast roll.

  • Pack your own lunch! I know I know, when everyone else is getting something, it’s hard to say no but do it for a month and see how much you save!

  • Download money management apps, these will help you track your spending and see where your wants vs. needs lie.
    If you’re looking to save money:

  • Start a money saving plan, like these , obviously changing to euro not dollar!

  • Limit dining out + fast food - cut out those 3-1s, if you meal prep during the week, it will save you money and time!

  • Sticking to water can be a cheap option if you are dining out, it will also reduce your sugar intake compared to ordering fizzy drinks, juice, alcohol.





If you’re a serious note-taker, whether it is study notes for college, new ideas for work or even writing up a blog on the go - Evernote has you covered. It’s an app downloadable on your tablet, phone and computer and you can access it anywhere! It’s free to download, if you wanted more features, they have upgrade packages too!

Grab yourself a diary or use your calendar on your phone (and make sure it is linked to your laptop calendar as well). This is a LIFE SAVER - personally at Korky’s, we have both! Just incase our phone dies, we have somewhere to write important dates if needed. Also there is nothing better than crossing your to-do list off in your diary.

These are some gorgeous diaries we’ve found:

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2018 IS THE YEAR OF GOALS. Setting goals are so important and often forgotten about. Goals help set focus in your life whether that’s family, work, physical improvement or expenditure etc. Other benefits include; helping you live your best life, clarifies your long-term vision. Remember to split up your goals between work goals and personal goals and make sure to have a few! There should be a long, medium and short term goal. Goals need be specific and measurable. Having this written in your diary would be very handy!


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