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29 / August

There is nothing worse than arriving at a festival, having forgotten something you couldn’t camp without! That’s why Korky’s has you sorted for your 2017 Irish camping festival needs with tips, tricks and a checklist.


Korky's Festival Guide Essentials Wellies


Plan where you will set up your tent, taking into consideration different factors. Such as, the ground level. If you can set up your tent at a higher level, rain will less likely flow into your camping area. Think about the different areas, such as Oscar Wilde or Jimi Hendrix Campsite, they have different campsites that range for different groups and ages. Check out this Electric Picnic campsite guide designed by designer, Matthew Johnston, to decide where it would suit you the best to pitch a tent! Be aware of trees, it may be a good idea to keep out from the rain but from past experience, boys sure like to urinate on them when intoxicated. Make sure your tent isn’t too far away from amenities, nothing worse than walking 20 minutes to find a bathroom in the early hours. Depending on the festival, there is always a risk of placing your tent too close to the main path, which you may find uninvited guests by your tent and chairs may go missing. Check the map of the festival before leaving.

Type of tent?
It’s up to you! If you’re not the one to set up tents, there are so many pop-up tents for sale from Argos or Trespass! If you’re going with a big group, why not all pitch in together and share a large tent. Make sure to look out for a tent that has two zips (most should!) because you can lock the tent while you’re out if needs be. With the Irish weather, make sure it’s waterproof which sounds silly but many aren’t even guaranteed to be waterproof! Remember, the bigger the tent, the cooler it will be.
Tip: Create a loud/colourful flag for your tent so you’ll never lose sight of it. Fairy lights can also make it stand out.
Gazebo - All pitch in or borrow a gazebo, creates a place for pres for you and your mates! You can connect the tents together as well, creating a hub.

Sleeping Arrangement?
Bring a sleeping bag, it can get quite cold at night in Ireland. If you want to save space but want comfort, bring a blow up pillow or a jumper to rest easy on. If you don’t want to bring a blow up mattress, you can always use floor mats or yoga mats. Some people even use those kids puzzle play mats for extra cushion. sell cheap blow up mattresses, you can even get powered air pump for €9 and a blow up pillow for €2.50.

BIN BAGS ALL THE WAY - yes, they’re so handy! Realistically clothes will get dirty and wet, so don’t forget to bring bin bags! It stops rain from getting in as well if your tent gets wet. They can also work as a rain poncho in emergencies! Save an extra for the end so you have something to put all your rubbish in! Remember, you should ALWAYS recycle and bring home all camping equipment. Tons of tents and camping equipment end up in landfills that affect the environment negatively!
SHOE HOLDER? - If you want to be super organised, especially if it’s a long festival, use one of these. You can store makeup, clothers, water, alcohol etc.
FOLDING TROLLEY - Bring a folding trolley, it can save the walk to your campsite. Many festivals have long walking times of 30 minutes to an hour. If you have a large tent, bag and drink, this would be perfect. Folding trolleys or ‘stack’ trucks are so handy for lugging around heavy camping equipment! You can get foldable trolleys from Woodies for €24.99!

Korky's Festival Essentials Guide Camping Hacks, Tips, Tricks

But if you’re not bothered, just store everything in your bag/rucksack and lock your tent up!

If your are over the age of 18, you can bring alcohol into the camping grounds but not the main stage. There will be people checking bags etc for alcohol when you enter the main arena. If you don’t want to lug around cans, bring vodka/spirits in a plastic bottle as no glass is allowed! If you’re bringing in loads of cans, think about that foldable trolley… you don’t want to be carrying boxes up and down when you could be drinking them right?


MAIN BAG - You’ll need a main bag to carry everything! We recommend a backpack/rucksack, it’s easy to put on your back and you won’t need a ton of small bags. Girl, please don’t drag a suitcase that could get stuck in muddy fields!

SMALL BAG/BUM BAG - For the day when you’re away from the tent, use a bum bag or small shoulder bag that can hold your phone/ID/cards etc for safe keeping.

NECESSITIES - Jumper (it gets so cold at night!), underwear, socks (and a pair of fuzzy socks!), raincoat, sturdy shoes that will get dirty, towel, tights (extra heat), baby wipes, dry shampoo, hand santiser 

FUNKY CLOTHES - This is Electric Picnic! Wear what you love or where what you usually wouldn’t wear! Pink denim jackets to green tights - do it all! Here are our favourites right now!

(L-R:,, New Look)


(L-R: Missguided, Topshop, Pretty Little Things)


(L-R: NYX, Lottie, Primark/Penneys)



BeFunky Collage.jpg
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  1. Ticket

  2. Tent

  3. Sleeping bag

  4. Yoga mat

  5. Camp chair

  6. Torch/Lamp

  7. Binbags

  8. Lock

  9. Battery pack

  10. Warm clothes (3 outfits or more!)

  11. Baby/wipes

  12. Drink

  13. Snacks

  14. Speakers

Here's an Electric Picnic Youtube Playlist to jam! 

Have the most amazing time, party your little heart out, be safe and enjoy the acts! If you forget anything, so what, you'll find it somewhere else. 

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