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25 / October


Korky’s TOP Halloween Last Minute Costumes


As Halloween is around the corner, there is no secret that it is such a stress going out and looking for a costume - then forking out ridiculous amounts, realising you’ll only wear it once. Usually the most creative halloween outfits are the coolest, you do you boo boo. Killer heels or flat converse - crazy coloured hair to mad makeup - YOU GOT THIS AND WE GOT YOU - Korky’s top halloween last minute DIY costumes for women. 

That’s why we have our last minute costumes that you can put together from things you already have and a bit of DIY - in some cases buy something if you want it.




Yes, skeleton faces and skull candy facepaint is everywhere on Halloween, but hey, all you need is makeup and a bit of black and white facepaint. There are so many tutorials online that will help you get the perfect boney face. You also can just dress in black - simple. Half and halfs are awesome if you want to make it more girl or feminine. Sometimes you don’t want to give up both eyebrows. Here are our favourite tutorials:

HALF SKULL HALF GLAM - Jamie Genevieve
Halloween Skull Makeup - Chrisspy



If you’re looking to go further, skelet up those hands! How awesome are these pink ‘luminous’ skeleton hands. Make it whatever colour you want. We would recommend bright colours as black UV lights will pick up the colour white and the brighter colours. Just grab white facepaint/makeup, pink eyeshadow, some brushes + diamantes. Don’t forget to spray some hairspray or make up spray to keep it in place and stop smudging.

korkys halloween makeup costume last minute.jpg

(Credit: @TheAngelMakeUp)

A Sim

Sim cosplay (I should totally do this some time)

If you were part of the Sims era (90’s baby) - this is so simple and easy to wear for Halloween, you also can just wear your normal clothes. There are so many templates online on how to make one of these! This includes green colours, paper, glue, wire and a hair band!

Burglar / Robber

Whip out those black jeans, white black and white striped top, some black gloves, a black beanie, paint a mask on and some black converse. You are now a stereotypical criminal! Add a plastic bag or a white pillowcase - turn it into a money bag by drawing a euro/dollar/pound sign on it! If you want something cute and have a small toddler - dress them up like a money bag like this cutie!!

Ideas & Accessories for your Ideas & Accessories for your DIY Burglar Halloween Toddler Costume IdeaScreen Shot 2017-10-18 at 13.31.02.png

Mean Girls

SO SIMPLE YET SO GOOD - All you need is a pair of big sunglasses (I’m sure your mam has a pair!) and a light blue hoodie - there you have it. If you want to be something sexier, the good ol' 'I'm a mouse- DUH' is always an option! Just grab some mouse ears and a little black dress and you're set. Another one would be to cut out holes of your t-shirt to show off your bra or another colour top underneather- imitating the movie and channelling that inner Regina George!  Korky's Halloween Last Minute outfit costumes Mean girls quick easy


    Where's Wally/Waldo?

Easy, just striped red + white top and black rimmed glasses with a beanie and blue jeans. Pair with some white converse and you're sorted! Simples. 
Halloween Last Minute Costume Ideas Where's Wally Korky's shoes

Jelly Beans

Yup, jelly beans. You are what you eat right? Well then be a bag of jelly beans. All you need is a see through plastic bin bag, a jelly bean logo (print onto an A4 peice of paper) and different coloured balloons. SO simply and it's kind of different! 

Halloween Last Minute Costumes DIY Korky's Shoes korkys heels footwear Ireland jellybean



Balloons are always around the house from previous birthday parties or you can pick them up in Tescos or Dealz for nothing! Be bubble gum, popcorn or grapes. 

HALLOWEEN last minute costumes balloons grapes korky's shoes


Lara Croft, TOMB RAIDER 


Want something sexy? Throw on a dark green tank top, a brown backpack, some black shorts, two fake plastic guns (careful going out), fingerless black gloves and some makeup to create bruises or add some blood! Whip some army boots on and you're ready! If anyone had that Lara Croft game, do you remember the old butler that would follow Lara Croft around the mansion? Well if you want to take it over the top, get your fella to dress up as the frail butler, you'll get a few giggles. 

Halloween Last Minute Costumes DIY Korky's Outfit Lara Croft, TOMB RAIDER


Hope everyone has an amazing Halloween whether it's staying in watching the new episodes of Stranger Things or going out to Xico's with skull faces - enjoy it! 



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