At FitFlop they believe that their ‘newness’ at shoemaking gives them the freedom to dream. To see footwear with fresh eyes - and deliver equal parts fun, fearlessness and functionality.

Ten years ago, when they first put our precision ergonomics under a set of sporty looking toe-thong* straps, the only rules they followed were dictated by their expert biomechanists.

Now you’ll find their magic midsoles in shoes, boots, clogs and sneakers too.

Their focus is still on delivering the best in biomechanics, but now in a wider variety of styles, so customers can have that ‘happy FitFlop feeling’ any and every ‘wear’.

Check out Korkys great range of FitFlop footwear. And remember, there’s free delivery to anywhere in Ireland when your order is more than €35!

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Fitflop™ JELLY™ BLUE

£52.58 £21.91
Our sandals eat other sandals for breakfast. Wanna know why? It's because underneath their happy-go-lucky, all-rubber, beach-friendly, wade-in-the-water-wearable upper is our patent-pending Microwobbleboard™ midsole - an ergonomic, pressure-diffusing, layer of cush. Go on. Get yourself a pair!