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11 / September

Heels are so important when it comes to your special night, it can elongate your legs, they can give you a pop of colour, they can even be comfortable (what?). Here’s Korky’s 2017 guide on the type of heel you could wear for your debs/prom. Certain dresses suit different heels, and we have you sorted. Use our discount code DEBS10 for 10% off your debs heels! 


First we must talk about colour! If you’re wearing a neutral tone, white or black, use colour to give your outfit a pop. Reds with blacks, white with blues, white/beige with pinks, it’s up to you!


(L-R: ED1 Pink, Josef14 Pink, DB57 Grn, BC1 Pink, Sophie Burgandy)



Metallics are so in right now and they are amazing because there's so much choice, they suit accessories and metallic handbags are so easy to find! Remember to pair metallics up with the same colour jewellery, such as gold heels and a gold necklace. Mixing metallic can look messy. Avoid metallic accessories and heels if your dress is already a silver, gold, rose gold etc. You don't want to end up looking like a shiny discoball, or you do? You do you boo. 

Korky's Heels: DB57 + RITA136
(L-R: DB57, Rita136 Rose)

Korkys Heels Metallic - ED1/HELEN330

(L-R: Helen330, ED1 Rose Gold)

Korky's High Heel Sophie Silver



Go for a short heel if you're not a huge fan of high heels or can't walk well in standard high heels. Nothing worse than strutting your stuff, looking all glam then all of a sudden, your legs turn to jelly. 

Korky's Heels Catwalk Fail

Shorter heels are super handy if you are tall and don't want to add too much height but still want to strut your stuff in heels. We also don't mean kitten heels - short heels don't have to be kitten heels so don't be afraid of the height of the heel. But don't let your tallness stop you from wearing high heels, tall is beautiful, don't forget that.

tulip1 Korky's Heels
(L-R: Tulip1 white, black + nude)

 Medium to High

We got you, that extra height! It elongates your gorgeous legs, makes you taller and works yo leg muscle! Take your dress length into consideration, heels help the bottom of the dress to avoid hitting the ground, so you don't end up tripping on the extra long fabric. We suggest open toed heels if your dress is long, this means you can see a little bit of skin instead of your feet being covered up. If you have a shorter dress, closed toed heels can work just as well so it's up to you! These are definitely some heels that we'd reccommend and have also been seen on IrelandAm. 
Korky's DEBS high heel guide
(TOP L-R: Rita1 Rose, Sophie Nud.S, 
BOTTOM L-R: Sophie Silver, ED1 Wht)

Block heels will be your saviour! No only do they look good but they will keep you standing even with a couple of drinks into you. This is the perfect medium on high heels that are comfier than stilettos and we've got the perfect ones for you. Block Heel Korky's Debs Shoes
(TOP L-R: Fallon4 Nud, DB66 - BOTTOM: DB57 GrnDB9 BLK)

 If you want a little bit of both the block heel and a tiny heel check out these heels!


  1. Bring fuzzy socks/sandals! - Look we know, your feet get so tired, we've all been there! Nothing better than whipping off your pair of heels at the end of the night after hours on the dancefloor. Having sandals keeps those annoying security men telling you off for talking off your shoes on the dancefloor. We know it's a safety thing but seriously? Let us dance. 

  2. Break in your shoes for the debs! There's no point in looking at them until the special night then getting bad blisters! If they feel too small/tight, walk around the house with fluffy socks for an hour or two for about 4 days. They should stretch a bit more. 

  3. Get yourself gels for under your feet if you want to wear heels but find them sore! They are worth the extra bit for more comfort. You can find them from Boots to Penneys!

  4. If you feel that your heels are a little slippery, you can get grips/gels for UNDER your heel. I know it sounds mad but there would be nothing worse than sliding in heels on the dancefloor. You can find them in Aldo/Boots/Tesco. 

  5. If you're one to take off your shoes really early but don't want to - buy shoes with buckles. I know it sounds stupid, but we're this way as well! All you wanna do is take off your heels because you're not arsed... but are you arsed to undo stressful buckles? Nope. 

Stay safe, buy the heels, enjoy your night! If you're still on the hunt for a dress, check out our evening dress pinterest board for some inspo! 
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Dance your heart out, have that shot and ignore the security guards on the dance floor haha

Tess, Korky's team

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