Sneaker Season 2017 | Korky's Shoes
Korky's Shoes are bringing you some sneaker/trainer inspiration. We know we can't wear heels all the time (we wish) so here are our favourite sneakers/trainers for Spring/Summer 2017!
Spring In Boots 2017 | Korky’s
Some Korky's spring boot inspiration 2017! From faux seude and pleather, to knee high boots, here's some ideas for a date, a night out, brunches etc. Go on, treat yourself.
Valentine’s Day Date Ideas – Dublin 2017 | Korky’s
Look, we are broke. We spent too much on shoes and food, but hey? No ragrets. Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean forking out huge amounts of money on your significant other or just your closest bae. To us, Valentine’s Day is a day where you show appreciation to the person/friend you love whether that’s a DIY card or having breakfast at your favourite restaurant. Sure, you don’t even need to celebrate on the actual day since places may be more expensive and over crowded. We’re sharing our favourite places with you whether it’s a small bar or a burger joint.
2017 Ass Kicking Shoes | Korky’s Shoes
It’s half way through January, you can do this! It can get a little tough to stay motivated with your work out New Years resolutions. We’re giving you some Monday Motivation with shoes inspo, playlists and items we’ve found helpful to combat the lack of will power.
Christmas Gifts for Men 2016 | Korky’s Shoes
We all know how hard it is to buy for men and they’re definitely in the same boat for us! Just a month from Christmas 2016, our Korky’s team have picked out our favourite gift ideas. Whether its for your guy best friend, boyfriend, dad, brother or grandad, we’ve picked out something for everyone!
BALLIN’ UNDER €50 | Korky’s Shoes
With college balls just around the corner, we’ve picked out our favourite long dresses under €50. We know all about being broke at college, so forking out hundreds for a dress is definitely not on our agenda right now (only when we’re our own girl bosses later on in life of course). Check out some of our killer heels as well that will match these dresses of our dreams!
HALLOWEEN QUEENS 2016 | Korky’s Shoes
Get some inspiration this October 31st with Korky’s Halloween Queen lovelist! With Halloween a week away, there are usually two kinds of people leading up to the event. The one who has been excited, ready since September and the other who puts something together last minute. Here are a few treats to get you excited for the scary season!
AUTUMN ESSENTIALS 2016 | Korky’s Shoes
There’s nothing more exciting than getting fresh new boots for the autumn, here’s some Korky’s inspiration that will make you fall for the new season!
The fact that metallic colours are on trend is so exciting! Whether is metallic silver or sparkly glitter, it will add a little life into any outfit. These are on our wish list for this season!