Who We Are

At Korky’s, we are proud to have been selling shoes to the people of Ireland for 30 wonderful years, with over 40 years of experience having been known as ‘Simon Hart’ until 1993.

   What We Do

Since the opening of our first store on Henry Street in 1993, a shop adjacent to the iconic GPO, we have worked towards being able to provide an affordable wide range of shoes that fits the look of every season. Tens of thousands of different shoe styles have come and gone over the years, we strive to always be one step ahead and have them ready for when you’ll need them.

The pride and joy of Korkys has and will always be our staff and managers in our stores, over the years we have employed a wide range of helpful, personable people from a diverse range of backgrounds who have built a good relationship with the shoppers of the likes of Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Those who work in our shops represent Korkys and our connection with Ireland brilliantly.

As of 2023, we have stores in both Dundrum Shopping Centre and Henry Street. Pop into either of them and we guarantee fantastic service, along with a shoe in there you’re bound to like!

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