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We’re hoping that this Irish weather will warm up, that’s why we are loving boots at the moment! It can keep one warm yet still stylish. This season is full of block colours, frilly sleeves and boots! Whether it is boots for work, going out or just to stare at lovingly, we got you. This month we’re bringing you our favourite shoes to look out for. Watch out, there may be a new site coming, as well as an exciting competition…
Look, we are broke. We spent too much on shoes and food, but hey? No ragrets. Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean forking out huge amounts of money on your significant other or just your closest bae. To us, Valentine’s Day is a day where you show appreciation to the person/friend you love whether that’s a DIY card or having breakfast at your favourite restaurant. Sure, you don’t even need to celebrate on the actual day since places may be more expensive and over crowded. We’re sharing our favourite places with you whether it’s a small bar or a burger joint.
It’s half way through January, you can do this! It can get a little tough to stay motivated with your work out New Years resolutions. We’re giving you some Monday Motivation with shoes inspo, playlists and items we’ve found helpful to combat the lack of will power.

About Korky's

Korky's have over 20 years experience of high street retailing in the best locations in Ireland. At present we have stores in Dundrum Shopping Centre, Henry Street and the ILAC Centre in Dublin. We are also in Princes Street, Cork.

Since our first store Korkys has gained a reputation for originality in its approach to retailing. Uninhibited by the creative constraints imposed on the larger multiples Korkys has always managed to effectively marry originality to commerciality in both product and store design.

Both the men’s and women’s ranges encompass the whole style spectrum from designer to sports. Own label designs offer affordable yet directional fashion at the cutting edge of that season’s looks.